UNIX Security: Dont Believe the Truth

One of the biggest reasons for many people to switch to a UNIX desktop, away from Windows, is security. It is fairly common knowledge that UNIX-like systems are more secure than Windows. Whether this is true or not will not be up for debate in this short editorial; I will simply assume UNIX-like systems are more secure, for the sake of argument. However, how much is that increased security really worth for an average home user, when you break it down? According to me, fairly little. Here's why.

UNIX is geared towards server use, and so is its security system. As we all know, 'normal' users do not have permanent root access (well, shouldn't have, in any case). As such, all important system files are protected from whatever stupid things the user might do. The user does not have full access rights to all files. The user only has full access rights to his or her own personal files. UNIX Security: Don't Believe the Truth - OSNews.com

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 7th February 2006 5:28AM