Hacking Xboxes For Fun And Profit

Apparently, the original Xbox has been completely hacked without the need for any modchip/softmod. According to hackers online, this also opens the door for them to really begin hacking on the Xbox360.

A hacker, known as the specialist posted this on XboxHacker.net:

Yes ! I've just played a backup DVD on a XBOX 1 without any modchip/softmod, just a hacked firmware. This completes our work on the XBOX 1. The drive I modded was a 8050L. The good news is that the firmware in this drive is very similar to the firmware in the GDR3120, used in the XBOX 360. I think it's time for me to buy one now. Hacking Xboxes For Fun And Profit

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 7th February 2006 5:34AM