More details emerge about Microsofts OneCare security service

Anti-virus and other security-related software is a huge business, reaching US$3.7 billion in revenue in 2004 according to IDC, and Microsoft has long been planning an re-entry into this market. The company first got into the anti-virus game way back in 1993 with the bundling of Microsoft Anti-Virus (MSAV), a stripped-down version of Central Point's AV product, with MS-DOS 6.0.

Microsoft's new product, the somewhat awkwardly-named Windows OneCare Live, entered beta testing last summer and is now nearing release. Rumors were running rampant that it would end up being bundled with the release of Windows Vista. However, recently it was confirmed that this product will instead be sold separately. Like many of its competitors, such as Symantec's Norton Anti-Virus and McAfee's AV product, it will be sold on a subscription basis. Unlike those companies, however, which sell the product in a retail box for a larger amount and then charge a smaller sum for renewals each year, the annual subscription will be the primary method for purchasing OneCare. One opportunity for Microsoft to improve on existing AV bundles is to be up-front about the annual renewal costs, information on which is almost impossible to find on Symantec's or McAfee's website. More details emerge about Microsoft's OneCare security service

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 7th February 2006 5:50AM