More on the University of Washington spyware study

On Friday I blogged about the University of Washington study on spyware. Now the PDF of the study is available here. I previously wondered if the study included porn sites. According to the PDF, adult sites was one of the categories.

The other categories were entertainment sites, celebrity, games, kids' sites, music sites, online news, warez/piracy, screensaver/wallpaper and CNET's It's no surprise to me that warez/piracy sites ranked the highest in downloading spyware.

In my tests of such sites, just opening the web page usually sets off an exploit, never mind actually downloading anything. And by the time the malware is finished downloading, often the machine is trashed and rendered useless. More on the University of Washington spyware study | Spyware Confidential |

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 7th February 2006 6:05AM