Prophet Mohammed protest spreads on the digital ground

Prophet Mohammed protest spreads on the digital ground. Hundreds of cyber attacks against Danish and western webservers spreading rage in the name of Allah.

The latest events related to the worldwide Islamic protest for the publication of the satiric pictures portraiting prophet Mohammed, reached the digital ground where Islamic cyber-protesters addressed attacks toward a wide selection of Danish (nearly 600) as well as Israeli and more generally western web-servers totaling nearly reported 1,000 attacks.

The concept of Ummah (Islamic nation) has never been digitally so clear as it is shaping today; it in fact represents a trans-national Islamic union historically borderless and far from governmental ties. Such "Moslem brotherhood" was expressed in several circumstances in recent past often somewhat related to the Palestine-Israel issue, the Kasmhir territories dispute, the Afghanistan matter, the Iraq invasion matter and several other episodes much connected to the recent political on-goings * News

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