Russian Hackers Use Sleeper bugs to Steal Over $1M

Russian thieves have stolen more than 1M euros (680,000 pounds) from personal bank accounts in France, the Guardian daily reported on Tuesday.

French authorities claim the thieves used so called “sleeper bugs” which can take control of and empty a bank account in seconds. In one hit, a bank customer lost 40,000 euros.

Police say the virus is embedded in emails or websites and remains dormant until the user contacts their bank online. When that happens, the bug becomes active and records passwords and bank codes which are then forwarded to the thieves. They then use the information to check if the victim has money in the bank before transferring funds to the accounts of third parties, known as mules, who may have agreed to allow money to pass through their accounts in return for a commission of between 5% and 10%. Russian Hackers Steal Over $1M From Personal Bank Accounts in France - NEWS - MOSNEWS.COM

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