Searchers cast nets in floods of internal data

Google's moves to expand beyond the search business have put it squarely in competition with some of the world's biggest companies in software, Internet and traditional media.

But analysts say one little noticed Google effort seriously threatens two small European companies Autonomy of Cambridge, England, and Fast Search & Transfer of Oslo that currently dominate the niche business of helping companies and organizations search for needles in their ever-expanding digital haystacks.

For an average of about $400,000 per job, Autonomy and Fast Search install "enterprise search engines," sophisticated software systems that understand language context and that can hunt for matches, not only on text documents but also on unstructured data like e-mails, phone calls, mobile text messages and video conferences. Searchers cast nets in floods of internal data - Technology - International Herald Tribune

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 9th February 2006 2:58AM