Google Desktop 3.0: Privacy is Dead(er)

The biggest change is the option to store your hard drive index on Google’s servers instead of locally on your own computer. This allows searches from a remote computer (such as a work computer). This is of course a touchy privacy subject, but the ability to search from a remote computer will be very welcome by some users.

While Google has not yet released v 3.0, they are making significant changes to policies on their desktop which previously stated that hard drive data would never be stored on Google Servers.

Compare this new language talking about searching across computers to this old language stating that “these combined results can be seen only from your own computer; your computer’s content is never sent to Google (or anyone else).”. Look for the second link to be updated soon. TechCrunch » Google Desktop 3.0: Privacy is Dead(er)

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 9th February 2006 3:17AM