New Feebs trojan variant hides elaborate eBay fraud

Security experts have warned web users to guard against a newly intercepted mutant of the Feebs trojan that attempts to dupe eBay users with an "elaborate" fraud.

Aladdin, the security firm that identified the new variant as JS.Feebs, noted that when the malware is executed by an unwitting recipient, it displays fake loading screens that look like several popular search engines. This is followed by a false error message stating that there was no available connection. The scripts do this to mask their own activities that sometimes include disabling the system's antivirus and other security-related products as well as executing other malicious code.

JS.Feebs usually arrives by email, but it could also exist in websites that would infect visitors upon access, Aladdin warned.

The mutant initiates an "elaborate fraud" attack similar to phishing. Unlike classic phishing, no phishing email or a link to be clicked exists. Rather, the script modifies the HOSTS file found on the compromised target PC. New variant hides 'elaborate' eBay fraud - IT Security News - SC Magazine UK

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 9th February 2006 7:51AM