Mozilla Songbird: Will it make the RIAA sing the blues?

Songbird is built from the ground up on the Mozilla project. The media player's UI is programmed in the same XML User Interface Language (XUL) that Firefox uses for its UI. Originally invented specifically for the Mozilla project, XUL enables programmers to build an application UI using a markup language, stylesheets, and other Webified techniques. Songbird is also a showcase for XULRunner, a small runtime environment that enables XUL-based programs to run on a machine that doesn't have Firefox already installed.

Much like Firefox, Songbird has (or will soon have) support for user-created extensions. The player's creators haven't yet said what kinds of extensions are in the works, and truth be told I'm not sure they really know at this point. I hope that by the time the Mac version is released (the current beta is Windows-only), there will be an iPod syncing extension available. I also look forward to a satellite radio extension—I haven't seen anyone mention this yet, but as an XM Radio junkie I think it would rock. Songbird makes Mozilla sing. Will it make the RIAA sing the blues?

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 10th February 2006 2:31AM