IE7, Firefox, Opera, or Maxthon Four tech experts battle

Are you an Internet Explorer traditionalist? An old-time Opera booster? A fervent Firefox enthusiast? Or an advocate of possible Next-Big-Thing Maxthon?

Now that Microsoft has come out with the public preview of its upcoming Internet Explorer 7 for XP, it is time to explore exactly why IE is still top dog, whether it deserves to bear that title, and which browsers may be closing in on its tail.

Challenging IE is not an easy task when a browser ships along with your operating system, and is the default for which most site owners design their pages, it's hard to challenge its primacy. And Microsoft knew this for a long time, IE seemed to be resting on its laurels, ignoring such popular features as RSS readers and tabbed browsing. InformationWeek | Browsers | Review: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, And Other Browsers In Four-Way Shootout | February 9, 2006

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