VOIP Startup Is not Spyware, But Its Close

A startup called Jajah launched its new VOIP service this past Monday, making telephone calls as easy as loading a Web page. But in doing so, customers may essentially be granting Jajah sweeping access to watch and even listen as they chat and surf the Web.

The Jajah VOIP service launched Monday, although the company began trials last year. For now, Jajah is offering customers a free five minutes to call another landline phone.

...The company's privacy policy and EULA, however, seem to imply that the service could be used as a window into a user's online activities, including monitoring a user's surfing habits and the content a user posts to message boards and web sites, sending him spam, disclosing personal information to third parties without control and consent, and even potentially allowing a third party to eavesdrop on the conversation. VOIP Startup Isn't Spyware, But It's Close

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 11th February 2006 4:07AM