How Search works in IE7

Here is how IE7 behaves:

* Ultimately, the user is in control with IE7. Adding to and modifying the list of search providers and choosing a default provider is easy, safe, and open.
* On upgrading from IE6 to IE7 on Windows XP, IE7 carries forward the userís IE6 autosearch setting. On a brand new machine from an OEM (e.g. Dell), the OEM has complete control of what search providers are available and which one is the default.
* We iterated with many different partners (primarily search providers and OEMs but also e-commerce businesses and end user advocates) and balanced much contradictory feedback en route to this plan.
* We rejected requests that threatened user privacy. For example, one company wanted any arbitrary web page to be able to determine what search providers the end user had chosen and which provider was the default. We decided that sites could easily violate the userís privacy if we provided this functionality. Would you really want anyone to know all of the types of search engines youíve chosen and use that information without your consent?

Thatís the top level. I want to provide more detail into our approach overall and how we came to the decisions outlined above. Ultimately, our key principle is that the end user must ultimately be in control of his or her machine. Period. IEBlog : Search in IE7

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