Under Attack from Malware

Companies pushing adware, spyware or other "malware" are relying on two things: your desire for free software and your gullibility. I've had two people bring me their computers after they were seriously infected with adware. In one case, the reason was my friend's craving for free file-sharing software. His desktop was a mess with countless icons for programs that he downloaded from the Internet. It was a real mess. What he didn't realize is that he gave implicit permission to install adware.

The other one, a relative, isn't a freeware glutton. Instead, she has a habit of clicking the Yes or OK buttons on every dialog box she sees. Even suspicious-looking dialog boxes that don't pass close scrutiny. Of course, when a dialog box pops up asking if it's OK to install a new program, she clicks the Yes button. They know better now. Techconnect Magazine - Under Attack - Page 7

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 13th February 2006 5:07AM