Google is not about doing good at all

PEOPLE SEEM CONFUSED when Google and China are mentioned. How can a company that has a slogan of 'do no harm' do obvious harm in so many ways in that country? How can a company, the only one of many to stand up to the US Government's questionable data grabs, do such things? In one place, they love the people and stand up for them, in the other, they sell them out wholesale. The public just doesn't understand.

Well, the answer is quite simple, the slogan is complete bull, and money is ghod at Google. Really. People seem to anthropomorphise companies, giving them emotions, feelings and morals. Quick reality check for you, public companies are about one thing, pleasing their stockholders, if they don't, the stockholders get mad and replace the people in power with other people who will be more subservient. How do you please the stockholders? Money, or the promise thereof. If they believe you, you stay happy and rich, if not, you are shown the door, very very quickly. Google is a public company, and is no different in this regard. Google is not about doing good at all

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 15th February 2006 6:06AM