IE 7 Setup: Secure From the Start

...I'd like to share some of the ways setup in IE 7 helps keep you more secure and IE running smoothly.

IE7 Screenshot: Courtesy IEBlog

Prior to installing IE 7, setup runs the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool to clean your system of known malware and help prevent problems installing IE 7 or running it for the first time. If you keep your computer up-to-date using Windows Update, which hopefully everyone does, you will already have the latest version of the cleaner. In that case, setup will re-run the installed version; otherwise, it will download and run the latest version.

Setup also makes sure you have the latest-and-greatest by downloading and installing any available IE updates. In previous versions of IE, users had to install updates after IE installation and anyone who didnít was out-of-date. In IE 7, setup takes care of the updates so you can get right to using IE 7. IEBlog : IE 7 Setup: Secure From the Start

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