Leap A malware: what you need to know

The worst thing you can do whenever a virus scare hits is to panic. The second worst thing you can do is not keep yourself informed.

With reports of the Leap-A program infecting some Macs, itís important to keep the news in perspective. While Leap-A has the potential for mischief, itís not anything like a crippling Windows virus that periodically brings the rest of the computing world to its knees. More important, as explained below, this incident doesnít expose a security hole in the Mac operating system. Rather, itís a piece of malware that can be easily rebuffed by vigilant Mac users.

That said, it pays to keep on top of potentially harmful things like Leap-A. After a day of research and testing the malware for ourselves, hereís what you need to know about Leap-A. Macworld: News: Leap-A malware: what you need to know

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 17th February 2006 2:49AM