Second OS X malware emerges, but risk is low

A second piece of Mac OS X malware has emerged this week, though this one poses a very limited threat, thanks in part to Apple’s own response. Security software maker F-Secure Corp. describes Inqtana.A, a Java-based “proof of concept” worm that exploits a vulnerability in Bluetooth on some Macs that haven’t been updated with Panther and Tiger security patches.

The chances of Mac users actually being affected by Inqtana.A are remote, however — even F-Secure notes that it hasn’t seen the worm “in the wild.” What’s more, Inqtana.A has an internal counter that prevents its operation after February 24, 2006. And Apple has also patched the vulnerability in free system updates. Macworld: News: Second OS X malware emerges, but risk is low

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 18th February 2006 12:27AM