New Linux malware

Today, we received a notification about a new Linux malware ItW (In the Wild). As anti virus vendors have been notified and will soon do a write-up on it, I see no reason not to publicize it here.

c2576aeff0fd9267b6cc3a7e1089e05d ~/samples/derfiq
e9a2b13fe02d013cc5e11ee586d11c38 ~/samples/session

We are not quite sure as of yet exactly what this does, it can be a Linux virus, a Linux Trojan horse, a Linux worm… we are not even sure if the checksums above are useful at all. We hope to know more soon and we will update as we do. SecuriTeam Blogs » New Linux malware

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 18th February 2006 9:54PM