I've got 8 rules for fighting spyware

...A new pest comes out and the user community jumps into the fray and dissects it. Some kid in Finland or New Zealand will release a cleaning tool and the community will decide if it works or not. It works much like how Linux was first developed.

Few of these folks make a dime (the guy who wrote SpyBot, one of the best tools on Earth, wrote it and released it free as homage to a would-be girlfriend). Very few of the real commercial tools do a complete job of swabbing up the mess that these pests have left behind. (One recent PC in our shop took more than 25 separate tools to eliminate completely.)

So what can I tell you to keep you out of my shop? The Sun Herald | 02/19/2006 | I've got 8 rules for fighting spyware via Spamroll

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