Facing The Defacers: Islamic Hacker Arrested In France

A Moroccan hacker known as Yanis was arrested in Metz by the Paris PJ. Anyway he got out of prison after 20 hours and he is waiting for judgement.

Yanis is accused of having defaced several French important websites (university of Strasbourg and Toulouse, website of the city of Lyon etc..), but his activity as defacer is far more complex: Zone-h, the independent observatory of cyber-crime, have monitored nearly 3000 notifications of intrusions in the last month related to the Prophet Mohammed digital Ummah protest (about 710 are by Yanis) while in his whole illegal “carreer” he compromised 1161 websites. Zone-H.org * News

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 24th February 2006 3:57AM