Linux as the Future Kernel of Mac OS

In the early 90's Apple was desperate for a new operating system. Past failures such as Pink and Copland left the company in need of a quick fix. With a lot of money in the bank, they started looking outside the company for a solution. The field was narrowed to NeXT and Be, companies started by ex-Apple employees.

In December of 1996 a choice was made, to quote Gil Armelio, "We picked Plan A instead of Plan Be.", marking the return of Steve Jobs to Apple. Few can argue that Apple made the right decision, Apple's success under the leadership of Steve Jobs is legendary. However, the NeXTstep operating system Apple acquired from NeXT needed a lot of work before a transition could be made to satisfy Apple's goal of shipping a modern OS with their hardware.

During this transition period, Apple had to decide what pieces of software would make up the new operating system. There would need to be a kernel, a compatibility layer to run old Mac OS software, and a new application framework to replace the Mac Toolbox. via

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