Spam Mutates

Peter Shinbach recently threw in the towel and shut down Bach Door, his online communications blog.

The public relations executive from Birmingham, Michigan, was fed up with so called comment spam. Returning from a weeklong vacation, he found a slew of comments on his blog that had nothing to do with communications: They were posts from spammers promoting gambling sites and prescription drugs.

"I'm not in this to spend hours a week cleaning up the mess spammers leave behind," Shinbach says. Ironically, the surge in spam to his blog coincides with a decrease in spam to his inbox: Shinbach says that his desktop antispam software and his ISP's spam filters together block about 95 percent of junk e-mail sent to his account. Spam Mutates - Yahoo! News

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 27th February 2006 8:45PM