Vista Security: Worth Paying For

Outgoing Microsoft executive Jim Allchin has been stumping hard for Windows Vista, as the much-anticipated client operating system enters its stretch run. By the time you read this, the nearly feature-complete beta 2 of Vista should be in testers' hands. But while Vista offers a host of improvements over Windows XP -- including the touted Aero Glass GUI -- the most compelling reason to step up to Vista could be security, Allchin argues.

He has a point. Windows XP SP2 patched a lot of holes in the Windows foundation, but it clearly did not finish the job. Internet Explorer remains a busy route for malware infection, and Windows' user privileges structure ignores that most basic tenet of security thou shalt not run as root. Redmond | Redmond Report Article: Vista Security: Worth Paying For

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 27th February 2006 8:49PM