Crimeware code sells trojans to hackers

Security experts have detected a new crimeware creation system that sells made-to-measure trojans to hackers for $990. The code, dubbed Trj/Briz.A by PandaLabs, stands out because its author customizes the code for hackers. The malware specializes in stealing bank details and data from web forms.

According to PandaLabs, this trojan is "the most complex example of the business network based on malware."

Apart from the code, cyber-crooks that buy this crimeware also get a complex system for controlling the infection caused by the custom-built trojan. This allows the client to get a list containing a large quantity of data about the infected computers: IP addresses, passwords and even the physical location of the computers. Crimeware code sells trojans to hackers - IT Security News - SC Magazine UK

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 27th February 2006 8:57PM