C# Crossover Malware

The people at the Mobile Antivirus Researchers Association (MARA) are reporting that they have discovered the first PC to Handheld crossover malware. The malware is understood to cross infect a handheld phone or PDA from a binary on the desktop PC.

The malware, is a proof of concept trojan they have dubbed as 'crossover' it spreads from a Win32 desktop machine to a Windows Mobile Pocket PC device.

It seems that the Trojan was written in C# (C Sharp) using Visual Studio .NET 2003 using the Communications Library of openNETCF.org. And was designed to run on any handheld device running Windows CE or Windows Mobile and .NET CF 1.1. Virus.Org :: Information Technology Security News And Updates

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 28th February 2006 7:34AM