Russia based criminal mobile malware found

The first mobile malware designed to steal money has been detected, although security experts do not believe the Russian-based, proof-of-concept trojan poses a threat. But the discovery of RedBrowser.A, the first virus to target mobile devices using Java, could signal the start of an alarming trend.

Not only is RedBrowser the first mobile threat to target mass-market phones - independent of so-called smart phones that use Symbian or Microsoft operating systems - but it also represents the first time cybercrime has served as a motivator, experts said.

"Although this is the first sample we've seen, there are probably other similar programs out there in the wild," Kaspersky Lab said today on the anti-virus vendor's weblog. "It's a sign that virus writers are widening their reach, and no longer only targeting smart phones." Russia-based criminal mobile malware found - IT Security News - SC Magazine UK

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 1st March 2006 6:18AM