AOL Sues Major Phishing Gangs

AOL said Tuesday it had filed three lawsuits against alleged phishing gangs in the U.S. Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. The ISP is accusing the groups of violating the state's new anti-phishing statute, as well as federal trademark and anti-spam laws, and is asking for $18 million in damages.

The suit claims both AOL and CompuServe members received e-mails that attempted to trick them into visiting fake Web sites that were set up to fool users into divulging personal information. This information included AOL screen names, passwords and credit card numbers.

It is believed that at least two of the groups operated from outside the United States -- in Germany and Romania. AOL said it stored "tens of thousands" of e-mails allegedly sent by the groups. BetaNews | AOL Sues Three Phishing Gangs

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