Identity Theft Demystified

Identity theft and strong opinions go hand in hand. ID theft is rampant and is causing millions of dollars of damage every year -- or, it really isn't such a big problem, and few people are really hurt financially by it. Why such wide disparity? More importantly, what can a business owner, an IT manager, a software developer, a consumer or a risk manager do about stopping ID theft when the problem seems so poorly understood?

This was the conundrum faced by attendees at a meeting in Chicago in June 2005. The FBI, Secret Service, Chicago Police Force, and the Identity Theft Prevention Special Interest Group (SIG), formed earlier in the year by members of the Liberty Alliance, met to discuss the topic of identity theft. The group quickly came to a realization that the term was being used quite loosely in the press and in industry. Technology News: Security : Identity Theft Demystified

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