Browser Plugin Warns Of Surfing Risks Before Clicking

A company founded by several MIT engineers launched free Internet Explorer and Firefox plug-ins Wednesday that reveal dangerous Web sites listed by popular search engines.

With the plug-ins installed, users see green, yellow, or red tags beside hits in search results on Google, MSN, and Yahoo, said Boston-based SiteAdvisor. The tags -- red represents sites that heavily spam visitors, host spyware and adware, or hijack browser home pages -- give users a heads-up before they click on a link.

"We believe consumers want to know, in plain English: 'If I download this program, will it come with adware?' Or, 'if I sign up here, how much and what kind of e-mail will I receive?'" said chief executive Chris Dixon. "SiteAdvisor zeros in on the moment of decision, when users are about to interact with a dangerous site. We can tell them: 'We've been here before, and here's what happened to us.'" Security Pipeline | Browser Plug-in Warns Of Surfing Risks Before Clicking

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 2nd March 2006 1:29AM