Hacker Outsmarts Kinko's ExpressPay Cards

A security hole in a common technology used to manage prepaid store cards could let malicious hackers and other criminal groups bilk FedEx Kinko's stores, according to a recently published report.

ExpressPay is a system developed by EnTrac Technologies, of Toronto. The system uses smart cards from Infineon, but does not secure data on the cards.

A security hole could allow hackers to clone legitimate cards or change the value of a card to any amount, according to Strom Carlson, a hardware security researcher at Secure Science in San Diego.

The report is just the latest warning about vulnerabilities in cash card technology, which is becoming a popular tool for money laundering, according to one banking fraud expert. Hacker Outsmarts Kinko's ExpressPay Cards

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 2nd March 2006 1:42AM