SiteAdvisor Adds Search Safety

For the past few weeks I've been surfing the Web with the help of the beta version of a browser add-on called SiteAdvisor, a tool that offers users a fair amount of information about the relative safety and security of sites that show up in Internet searches. As I played around with this program, it became clear that this is a tool that not only allows users to make informed security decisions about a site before they click on a search result link, but it also holds the potential to fuel a more informed public dialogue about the often murky relationship between Fortune 500 companies and the spyware and adware industry.

But more on the Fortune 500 stuff later. SiteAdvisor is a browser add-on for Firefox or Internet Explorer that tries to interpret the relative safety of clicking on Web search results. With SiteAdvisor installed, each listing is accompanied by a small color-coded icon that indicates whether the software developers have received any reports of scammy, spammy or outright malicious activity emanating from the site. Security Fix - Brian Krebs on Computer and Internet Security - (

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 3rd March 2006 1:55AM