Microsoft virus "bounty hunter" warns of never ending battle

IT security will always remain a never ending battle, according to the head of Microsoft's European cyber crime fighting unit. Former police officer Paul Thomas, head of Microsoft's European internet safety and IP investigations team, heads up a unit made up of ex-Interpol and ex-US secret service agents, prosecutors and IT forensics experts responsible for tracking down virus and malware writers, spammers, hackers and phishing gangs.

He told "There will be new threats as long as there are people out there with criminal intent. Most new technology is going to be looked at by the criminals to use to their advantage. As people's use of technology increases then criminals are still looking for opportunities." Microsoft virus 'bounty hunter' warns of never-ending battle - Malware - Breaking Business and Technology News at

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 3rd March 2006 2:02AM