Will Vista mean victory in the war on rootkits?

Rootkits are driving Dan Kaminsky crazy. Kaminsky, a security analyst who runs DoxPara Research, an independent research firm, spends a good deal of time opining about rootkits on the firm's Web site. In a recent interview, he was even more animated about why rootkits are ruining lives.

"We are computer people," he said. "We tell people their lives will be better by using computers. Rootkits and spyware destroy that experience."

Kaminsky is not alone in his frustration. Rootkits have become a hot topic in IT security. And Windows, the most popular operating system, is a favorite target of the hackers.

One bright light for Kaminsky is Vista, Microsoft's next desktop operating system. "Vista is really trying hard to address this," he said "They are going to be cryptographically signing everything in the core of the OS." Will Vista mean victory in the war on rootkits?

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 3rd March 2006 2:16AM