Fighting The Hidden Dangers Of Internet Access

In today's business environment, it's difficult to imagine a workplace without access to the Web. Yet, much of the information available to employees on the Internet is not job related. What started as a productivity boon has gradually turned into a bandwidth and productivity drain with huge potential legal liabilities associated with inappropriate use of the Internet by employees. Huge lawsuits have resulted from employees downloading pornographic, racist or violent material from the Internet. In addition, network security can be compromised by the introduction of viruses, worms or Trojans through your Internet access.

This eBook attempts to present some of the growing threats that exploit your organization's Internet access and to demonstrate how a dedicated appliance solution like iPrism can secure your network and prevent the downtime, loss of productivity and other problems associated with unmanaged Internet access. iPrism e-book: Fighting The Hidden Dangers Of Internet Access by St. Bernard Software - A Vendor White Paper - InformationWeek White Papers

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