Botnet threat growing at 'alarming rate'

The trend of hackers and cybercriminals using botnets to conduct large-scale denial-of-service attacks increased at an “alarming rate” during the second half of last year, new research has revealed.

The 2005 Semi-Annual Web Security Trends Report issued by Websense Security Labs, reported that these types of attacks, which can use hundreds of thousands of computers infected with unauthorized software agents, constituted one of the fastest-growing IT security risks of the last 12 months.

In addition, the study reported that the number of cyberextortion attacks - in which money is requested from users to fix a problem created by the cybe-criminal – is also rising rapidly.

The motives for creating malicious websites were found to be moving away from annoyances, such as changing default homepages, to increasingly malicious purposes, such as changing browser address bars to redirect users to fake banking, commerce and other sites.

Also according to the report, browser and operating system vulnerabilities were exploited more frequently by spyware, crimeware, phishing and keylogger installations. Botnet threat growing at 'alarming rate' - IT Security News - SC Magazine UK

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