Newest Bagle Worm Threatens Legal Action

Another bullying Bagle worm appeared Friday, security companies warned, although this one threatens to bring on the lawyers, not the police., said U.K.-based Sophos, spreads in e-mails with subject lines such as "Call to your lawer [sic] immidiately [sic]" and "Lawsuit against you." The text of the worm-carrying message varies, but all versions cite some legal beef, ranging from identity theft to "spamming" faxes to the sender's machine.

The attached file, with names like "lawsuit.exe" and "explanation.exe," purport to be supporting legal documents but are, of course, the worm. Launching the executable file infects the PC with a backdoor and lowers the machine's security settings, and may end up with more malicious code downloaded to the system from a slew of Web sites. InformationWeek | News | Newest Bagle Worm Threatens Legal Action | March 3, 2006

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