Siteadvisor: Strange Bedfellows, IP Bunkmating

Look around the SiteAdvisor team, and there’s always someone with a furrowed brow. We’re constantly discovering new scams and surreptitious online behavior. Today we'll explore a hosting practice we call “IP bunkmating." (Others call it “host multiplexing" or “IP sharing.")

Web sites are all stored on servers, and each server has an IP address. When more than one site is located at the same IP address, it could mean one of two things:

1) The hosting company decided not to allocate a unique address to each of their clients. (This isn’t a bad idea for many sites, and it’s required by some IP registries’ rules.)
2) One organization is running multiple sites on the same server. This is easier for them – fewer physical servers mean less to set up and less to maintain.

In the first case, there’s generally no relationship between the sites that happen to share a server. If you care to learn more about Web sites sharing IP addresses, you can read spyware researcher Ben Edelman’s related article. But in the second case, there’s an increased likelihood that sites will be similar. After all, a company with one “red" site might well have other bad business practices too, possibly extending into unrelated ventures. Below are some examples of sites we found based on their similarities with sites we already rated as red. SiteAdvisor blog: Strange Bedfellows - IP Bunkmating

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