Maxxuss hacks Skype, releases patch allowing 10way conference call for all users

It looks like Maxxuss has had some free time after hacking up OS X 10.4.5 to focus his attentions on Skype's attempt to lock their 10-user conference call feature to only users with Intel's processors... From his page:

Recently, Skype and Intel have announced a deal that would limit Skype functionality on all but specific Intel processors. Skype 2.0 offers 10-way conference calls only on Intelís latest dual-core CPUs, while other chips, including all AMD chips, will only offer 5-way conference calls. It is argued that only those Intel dual-core CPUs meet the requirements - which would imply that no AMD CPU is fast enough. Now, what are these requirements? Is there some kind of micro-benchmark built into Skype which measures the processing speed? Or does Skype look for a specific hidden CPU feature? As the details on the patch reveal, the code logic behind the limitation is quite simple...
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Linked by shanmuga Sunday, 5th March 2006 2:19AM