Will security ever "get done"?

Here is a fun thing to think about: with security, will we ever really be “done”? Before you, my esteemed security colleague, emphatically scream “NO!” let us consider this – admittedly philosophical – problem in-depth. There is also a related question that we will try to answer en-route to the above more general pursuit: will security become so boring that only boring people will do it (something akin to physical security guards)? In addition, we will touch another “messy question,” the one of “security consolidation”, that generated some attention lately (see, for example, this, this or this where some pundits and pundit wonnabes spout about it…)

Before we hear some pro and con arguments, let’s stop and think for a second: what security are we talking about? Network security? Software security? IT security? Data security? Or, information security in general? I would prefer to have this question answered for the broader information security realm.

So, why some folks think that “security problem” will be solved in the future? Anton Chuvakin Personal Blog: Will security ever "get done"?

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