CommBank hit by phishing scam

The Commonwealth Bank has been hit by another email-based phishing attack. The scam, sent out this morning, attempts to lure the bank’s internet banking customers to a site in order to capture their log-in details.

“Dear Valued Commonwealth Bank Client,” the email reads. “We have recently detected increasing number of attempts to login into your account from different IP addresses and geographical locations.

“Based on these recent developments, we have decided to suspend your account with immediate effect. However, you can reactivate it using our automated reactivation system.”

A link in the email takes users to a mock CommBank login screen. The domain on which the scam is hosted,, appears to be French.

According to Commonwealth Bank general manager media, Bryan Fitzgerald, the bank was aware of the scam and had referred it to the Australian Federal Police (AFP). CommBank hit by phishing scam - Security -

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 6th March 2006 12:34AM