Man Arrested for Placing Trojan in IRC Channel

A man from the Seattle, Washington area was indicted for releasing computer viruses, sometimes referred to as Trojan horses or malware, that caused harm to systems across the country, including a computer system in the Eastern District of Missouri, United States Attorney Catherine L. Hanaway said on Tuesday.

"Computer viruses have the potential to cause an incredible amount of damage to the nation's economy," said Hanaway. “This office will pursue these cases aggressively.”

RICHARD C. HONOUR, 30, was indicted by a federal grand jury in St. Louis, Thursday, February 23, and was arrested in Seattle today, on one felony count of transmitting internet viruses. According to the indictment, Richard Honour developed and caused the release of harmful computer programs which infected systems associated with an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) “chat room,” called DarkMyst. Honour's harmful programs, which are referred to in the indictment as "malware," allowed him to gain unauthorized access to compromised computers. With this access he was able to obtain banking and identity information from those computers. Honour used spam techniques to perpetuate and extend the distribution of his malware. LinuxElectrons - Man Arrested for Placing Trojan in IRC Channel

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