Google's antiphishing tech coming to Firefox

When Google hired lead Firefox developer Ben Goodger last year, speculation began running rampant that the company was poised to offer a Web browser of its own. In the year since the announcement, such a browser has not materialized, but Google's support of Firefox has brought some tangible improvements to the browser. One of these, Google Safe Browsing, will soon be part of the Mozilla trunk and will provide anti-phishing services to Firefox.

Safe Browsing helps to prevent phishing scams through the use of both a blacklist of known bad sites and automated technologies that make their best guess about a site's intentions. Such a tool could be a big help to novice users, especially, as phishing attacks continue to grow in both numbers and in sophistication. Google's anti-phishing tech coming to Firefox

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 6th March 2006 9:54PM