Malware: Attack of the Mutants

Sometimes, the worst threats are the ones you cannot see right in front of you. John Malkovich's presidential assassin in the movie In the Line of Fire knew this, smuggling innocuous components past intense security screening then assembling them into a workable gun.

In a worrying case of life imitating art, spyware authors are using similar techniques to hide from malware scanners. Users click on an unsolicited e-mail, link on a compromized Web site or install a small loader piggybacking on shareware or free software. Once it has settled into the PC, that application starts downloading new code onto the system one small piece at a time, until the modules are assembled into a malevolent new threat.

Many users never even know the software is on their systems until scanners pick up the messages the spyware sends - often containing sensitive passwords, logs of keystrokes or other information. Computerworld | Attack of the Mutants

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 7th March 2006 4:49AM