Oracle Secure Search: The World’s Greatest Paradox?

A colleague of mine once used a term that seemed very fitting to a particular security process. He termed it what it was, in my opinion: a disgrace. That's hard to say seriously without immediately thinking of the company that has, in the security space, redefined what it means to be a disgrace: Oracle...

If Oracle is good at security, I'd really hate to see something they're not good at. Oracle's "security process" today is the unquestioned laughing stock of the entire software industry, and is a justification of lousy practices elsewhere. Whenever I ask tough questions about timelines and other continual problems at other shops, I hear: "Hey, don't look at us! We could be like… Oracle." SecuriTeam Blogs » Oracle Secure Search: The World's Greatest Paradox?

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 7th March 2006 5:00AM