The EFF wants to make sure Sony has to pay up

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has set up a few web pages to help the victims of Sony's infamous rootkit CDs clean their computers and get their fair share of the class action settlement. The foundation is asking webmasters and bloggers to help spread the word through a variety of banners. It's the first time the EFF has run a campaign like this, but it makes sense for several reasons.

First up, the EFF was a party to the lawsuit itself, and this is also the first time that any action directly brought by them has lead to any kind of public settlement or restitution. Making Joe Sixpack aware that his Velvet Revolver CD may have infected his PC, and that he is entitled to some cash and/or free music is not only a nice humanitarian move on the EFF's part, but also good PR. Then there is the fact that there are security implications to using the affected products, which means that the Internet as a whole gets a little healthier for every patched rootkit. The EFF wants to make sure Sony has to pay up

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 9th March 2006 10:14PM