Tech Humor: Typo Prompts RIAA to Prosecute Fire Sharers

Because of a recent typo in a memo from Sony's head of Root Kit Installment, the RIAA has begun suing people for fire sharing.

Around 150 people have received summons so far, including an 83-year-old widow who left the stove on after baking scones for the local neighborhood watch group.

According to her neighbor, who is also being sued for downloading the fire, "I saw smoke coming from Mrs. Jones place around 5:30pm, so I phoned 911 and asked for the Fire Department. After being questioned for 25 minutes on who legally owned the fire and what rights they had to distribute it, an RIAA investigation team turned up and deleted it." BBspot - Typo Prompts RIAA to Prosecute Fire Sharers

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 9th March 2006 10:37PM