Google's Secret Answer To AT&T: We'll Build Our Own Net

AT&T's increasing vocal demands that Google pay extra fees for adequate bandwidth may backfire. There's evidence that Google may consider building its own nationwide network and compete directly with the big telcos.

Google has a help wanted ad for a Project Manager - Network Acquisition. Take a look at the job responsiblilities, and you'll see that if you were Google and were going to build a nationwide network, this is a job you'd need to fill.

The person will "ensure the timely and accurate installation of all aspects of facilities-based network services," which will include "delivery of end-to-end solutions for network connectivity...the delivery of new metropolitan network services, the delivery of long haul transport capacity, and augments to existing transit and peering relationships." Networking Pipeline | Blog

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 10th March 2006 7:09AM