This time it's personal: Targeted Viruses and Worms

I believe we've seen the end of the large-scale computer virus attack. Gone are the widespread attacks of Melissa, I Love You, even Sobig and, with that, the demise of virus seasons, predictable periods typically from March through May and August through September when you could expect to see new virus activity. And yet, information released by Symantec and other antivirus software vendors shows that the number of active viruses and worms continues to rise, from 10,866 in the first half of 2005 to 10,992 in the second half.

Virus writers are producing fewer families of new viruses and worms, but they're also generating a greater number of variants, each more specific than the last, with some variants able to evade traditional antivirus signature and heuristics. Worse, you may already be infected with these new pests, despite the belief that you have adequate protection. It's a whole new ball game on the Internet, and this time it's personal. Security Watch: This time it's personal - CNET reviews

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 10th March 2006 11:37PM