Know Your Malware: Brave Sentry Removal

Brave Sentry is a parasite that hijacks the web browser, changes the desktop background and displays an icon in the system tray. This icon shows a message, which says that the compromised computer is infected with dangerous spyware parasites and asks the user to download and install a removal program, which actually is Brave Sentry, corrupt illegally distributed spyware remover.

Once the user clicks on such message, the trojan opens a web site distributing Brave Sentry. It may also try to secretly download the application and install it without user knowledge and consent. Brave Sentry, the corrupt spyware remover uses false positives. It does not actually detect parasites, but targets harmless system and software objects as threats in attempt to trick the user into purchasing the full version of Brave Sentry.

It is a clone of the infamous SpySheriff program and similar rogues such as SpywareNo!, SpyDemolisher and Pest Trap. The Brave Sentry parasite runs on every Windows startup. Remove Brave Sentry, removal instructions

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 11th March 2006 9:27PM